DAC Summer Intensive

Tuesday, June 18th through Friday August 4th

Classes highlighted in purple are for the advanced level intensive. Classes highlighted in green are for the intermediate level intensive. Classes not colored are either open classes or meant for multiple levels. 

This 6 week intensive is designed for dancers to hone their skills and perfect their dance technique. This enables our dancers to build and maintain strong changes in their technical execution and enhances their confidence and artistry. Strengthening their bodies and minds with rigorous and engaging classes and educating dancers on injury prevention, dance theory and effective ways to audition and take convention classes are all a part of this exciting intensive.

The DAC Summer Intensive is a great opportunity for dancers to train their bodies and minds to the highest level. The result of the intensive is intended to produce positive changes in endurance, strength and technique in a structured, technical environment.

Days and Times will be available in late April

over 15 hours of classes per week including...

  • Injury Prevention
  • Dance Theory
  • Effective Auditioning
  • Convention Class Awareness
  • Ballet
  • Pointe/Pre-Pointe
  • Ballet Barre
  • Tap
  • Hip Hop
  • Jazz
  • Contemporary
  • Musical Theatre
  • Lyrical
  • Technique Work
  • Tumbling
  • Strength & Flexiblity
  • Conditioning
  • Turns & Leaps
  • Improv