Our 2019 Summer Class schedule is now AVAILABLE!

Registration opens March 22nd!

Summer Classes


Click the "Register" button located next to each listed class. Additional classes can be added during the registration process. Please call or email if you have questions while registering.If you are interested in a trial class, please register below for the class and choose the "Trial Class" option on the registration page. 

P: (630) 945-5179 E: DanceArtsCenterofSTC@gmail.com

Tuition Breakdown

Tuition is based on a sliding scale. The more hours a dancers takes in a week, the less each class is per hour. To find out your monthly total, add up the number of hours your dancer will attend each week and find the corresponding amount listed. Amounts listed below are listed as if they were taking just that class alone. Tuition is adjusted automatically when registering through our online system.

"Baby Wear" Classes: Ages 0-18 months, Combination Classes: Ages 2-5years Beginning Level: Ages 6-8years Intermediate Level: ages 9-12years (based on technique level and experience) Advanced Level: Ages 12+ (based on technique level and experience)

Summer Schedule

Current Class Schedule





Private lessons are avaible on Thursday all summer long! Schedule your appointment now to ensure you have your spot.